My name is Christopher Charbonneau Wells. I am, at the time of this writing, a 35 year old man living and working in the Seattle, WA area with my wonderful wife Valerie Fry and our sons, Henry and Philip.



From a very young age I have been interested in computers, web development, video games, electronics and all manner of things that tick. Today, the knowledge that I have accumulated from this hobby has provided me with gainful employment and a plethora of half-finished projects of all kinds.


During my time studying English literature at the University of Toledo, I became especially interested in the works of Kurt Vonnegut, John Irving and Toni Morrison. I learned a great deal about written and verbal communication, critical and analytical thinking and the value of storytelling.


My first job in web development was with an independent music distributor and helped to solidify a lifelong relationship with all genres of music. This relationship also introduced me to the works of Henry Rollins, whose music, writing, life and spoken word has influenced me in many ways.


My time in the United States Peace Corps in Burkina Faso taught me a great deal about life, culture, language, history and identity and also created some wonderful relationships (including with my wife).

All of these interests and experiences coalesce to form my identity, direction and general outlook on life.

This website

I will use this website on rare occasion to record some of the things that I create as I attempt to expand my skill set to include some newer (or simply different) tools and technologies.