Loading Plotly Graphs on Demand with Waypoints

Posted on 23 November 2016 in Technology • Tagged with graphing, javascript, plotly, waypoints

In my last post, 12 Years of Gmail, Part 4: Chat, I included eight Plotly graphs on a single page. All the graphs worked correctly, but the page was taking almost four seconds to render any content at all and up to 6-8 seconds to load completely without cached elements. By contrast, the landing page of chrxs.net takes less than a second to load with visual content rendering almost immediately. The site is intentionally designed to be light weight and uses very few resources on a standard load. But Plotly graphs require a big (1MB+ uncompressed) JavaScript file in order to load with all the bells and whistles. What can be done to improve this slow load time, particularly when many graphs are on a single page?

film strip before Film strip before optimization (webpagetest.org)

The page load film strip above shows almost three whole seconds before any content is rendered. The obvious first step was to move the loading of Plotly's large JavaScript file from the page head (which loads before content is rendered) to the end of the page body, theoretically allowing the page's content to be partially loaded and rendered earlier. However, doing this created a bit of …

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